Hi! I am Nargisse, a Moroccan girl based in London with a real passion for food. My favourite activities include day dreaming, laughing extremely hard, exploring the world, swimming in the ocean and eating chocolate. I am passionate about Moroccan cuisine and I love sharing my cooking and cultural heritage. 

I like to develop recipes that are simple and balanced but most importantly that are inspired from my home country. On top of being a fun and tasty activity, I feel that cooking is also a way to explore and connect different cultures and I love to do it by putting my own twist into Moroccan classics. 

I grew up in Brussels in a family seriously obsessed with food. While growing up, my mama and papa – my main inspiration – always filled our kitchen with Moroccan dishes and did their best to bring our culture to my brothers and me.

I moved to London a few years ago to study Politics, only to realize that my interest in cooking was in fact a real passion. This passion led me to follow an inspiring and enriching cooking course at Leiths School of Food and Wine that made me realise that my interest for food should become more than a hobby. After my course, I naturally decided to start blogging about the cuisine of my origins to share my passion but also to make Moroccan dishes more modern and accessible.  


So here I am, posting from my cozy kitchen in London, where I live with my wonderful husband and daughter, hoping to make my Moroccan food, your Moroccan food. Thanks for passing by! 

My debut cookbook Casablanca: My Moroccan Food, published by Mitchell Beazley is out now!